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Here's a tool designed to help webmasters in findingout who are linking to their sites at any given time.Many search engines today are ranking the web sitesby the number of sites linking to them: Link Popularity 

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Melonbones Auction Webmasters Helper
Melonbones Auction Webmasters Helper

I've seen this acronym used in several places that talk about web site design. It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. This is perhaps the most abused principle of web site design. The first place to apply a kiss to your web site is your navigation.

Have you ever gone to a web site and gotten lost? The navigation of your website should be as simple as possible. Keep your navigational links in the same place on all of the pages. You should watch someone that has never been to your web site try navigating through it without any help from you. Ask them to go to a particular page from the home page, and see if they have any problems.

Search Engine Secret

Have you ever used a search engine that returned a list that had a dollar amount in parenthesis next to most of the top listings and wondered what it meant? There are several search engines that let you bid on keywords. The top bid gets position #1, the 2nd highest bid gets position #2, and so on.

When someone clicks on a link, that bidder pays the dollar amount in the parenthesis to the search engine company. The trick to bidding on these type of programs is to find keywords that don't have huge bids on them, and only bid one or two cents per keyword.

All you have to do is type keywords that are relevant to your site into that engine and see if one or two cents will buy you a top ten position. Here's an example: if you type "auctions" into one of these engines, you will find that it would cost about $1.50 per click to take first place, and 60 cents for 10th place. I don't know about you, but I can't afford that. So try some other related terms. I found I could bid 2 cents on "Online Auction Websites" and get 2nd place. At that kind of rate, a $25.00 advertising budget would bring me 1250 visitors.

But don't stop there. Bid on 20 or so low-bid keywords to increase the rate of traffic.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

For a list of this type of search engines, please visit Melonbones Business Builder, chapter 10 -
When and Where to Advertise

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Melonbones Millennium Banner Exchange
Melonbones Millennium Banner Exchange

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