Why pay to sell elsewhere when Melonbones is free?

List 30 or more items for sale and these benefits of Charter Membership could be yours:

  • Lifetime commission-free use of the auction.
  • A free Featured Items web page of your own.
  • Your banner and link rotated in our EXCLUSIVE Charter Member Banner Displays.
  • Your ad rotated in all auto-emailings from the auction.
    (listing confirmations, bid confirmations, outbid notices, winning bid notices, closed auction notices, etc.)
  • 2,000 free banner displays in our open membership banner exchange.

More Free Advertising:

For each item you list for sale in Melonbones' auction, you can include an advertisement for your web site or business with a link, email address, phone number or whatever you think will help entice people to do business with you. You can have a different advertisement in each item description, or use the same one for all of your listings.

My father once told me, "You can't sell from empty shelves". In appreciation of the Charter Members that help Melonbones "fill its shelves", we are offering some incentives to make it worth your while to list your products in this early stage of Melonbones Auction's growth.

This offer is for a limited time only.

Each auction category has a limited number of memberships available. As Charter Memberships increase, we will close categories to new memberships.

How do I join?

For free registration to the auction: click here

Once you have 30 or more items listed, request charter membership here: click here

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in Melonbones.

Yours in Christ,
- George Tucker (administrator)

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