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  Newest Resources: Cyber Security for your Teenager - The World Virus Tracking Center



 Identity Theft:

The U.S. Government Scam List is always a good place to start:

The 20 Most Common Internet Scams.

The Scambusters newsletter will keep you informed of all the latest scams as they are reported.

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 Stop looking foolish to your friends by forwarding those email hoaxes.
Before passing on a story, please check here first:

Email Hoaxes
A small collection of some of the most common hoaxes.

Urban Legends and Folklore
One of the best UL sites on the web, very extensive.

Don't Spread that Hoax!
Very good advice.

Internet Hoax and Chain Letter Information Center
Excellent virus myth site.

The absolutely best way to find the latest Scams and Hoaxes:
Search the Web

Protect yourself from unscrupulous people with The Ultimate Identity Theft Guide for Consumers.

Merchant Warehouse Credit Card and Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft and Credit Protection Guide

Credit Card Fraud Protection and Safety Guide

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