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Melonbones Millennium Banner Exchange

Melonbones Pricing Resources

Use the links below to learn how to set prices on items you would like to sell, or to check items you would like to bid on to see if the price is reasonable.

Another good way to set your price is to search the internet for the same item you are selling to see what others are asking.

If you have the link to a good pricing resource, please contact us and we will add your link to this page. If you find a bad link listed here, please let us know.

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The Links:

Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers

Kelly Blue Book

Avon Collectors

Avon Antiques

Barnes and Nobles
Out of print and rare

Coins & Currency
Grading Your Coins
Professional Coin Grading Service
Antique Coin Price Guide
History of the American Numismatic Society

Comic Books
Comics Price


Consumer Electronics


Die Cast Cars and Toys
Hot Wheels

Price Tool

Games and Gaming

Vintage Jewelry

Postage Stamps
Stamp Grading
Stamp Guide

33 & 45 RPM Records
Continental Records

Sports Autographs

Sports Collectors Universe

Stuffed Toys
Beanie Babies

Melonbones Millennium Banner Exchange
Melonbones Millennium Banner Exchange

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