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= Reserve Item

This icon is displayed when the seller set a reserve price on the item when it was first listed for sale. The reserve price is known only to the seller until someone bids high enough to reveal it.

Once an item has a bid on it, the seller cannot change the starting bid or the reserve price. The seller does not have to sell the item for less than the reserve price.

If you want to win an auction with a reserve price, you can keep bidding the minimum bid until you either match the seller's reserve price, or the bidding becomes more than you want to pay.

If you do not bid high enough to match the reserve price, you do not win the auction and you do not have to pay your last bid. However, if you were close to the seller's reserve price, you may be able to negotiate directly with the seller for a compromise in price.

To help you detemine if the item is worth bidding higher, try comparing prices using Melonbones' Pricing Resources.

When the reserve price has not been met, the phrase:

Reserve price not yet met!

will be displayed it the item description.
When the reserve price
has been met, the phrase:

Reserve price met!

will be displayed.

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