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A Guide To An Industry With No Light

Ask the first hundred people you meet, "How do I compare prices when shopping for carpet?" 99% will not know how to. Go into the first 10 stores that sell carpet, and look at the names on the carpet samples, all 10 stores will have 10 different names for the same piece of carpet. In other words, you will have to trust a salesperson to give you the best deal, when for most places, it is in their best interest to sell you the least amount of carpet, pad, and labor, for the most amount of money.

What if you had an experienced professional go with you?
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Did you know that 98% of the sales people do not know what is best for each individual situation? The same thing applies for the installers. 98% do not know what minimum industry standards are, or how to achieve a lasting job for the customer's sake.

This industry will give you a 3, 5, or 10 year wear warranty, and that guarantee states that you will not wear 10% of the carpet off in the amount of time specified. That is for real, but that is misleading, because the carpet will mat down and look bad in the walk areas much, much, sooner than that, depending on the amount of people living in each household, and the way you clean your carpets.

I can show you how to shop and compare prices, save you a lot of money,
and get you a great, long lasting job.

Meet your professional

My name is James A Ryan. I am the owner of Able Carpet Repair in Jacksonville, Florida. The Better Business Bureau loves me because I have never had a callback in the 8 years I have been listed in the yellow pages here. As a carpet installer for 30+ years, I've seen it all. I have been a repairman, consultant, and inspector for the past 8 years doing both commercial and residential work. The repair work has taught me more about this industry than anything else possibly could have. I am here to make sure you get a great deal for a reasonable price on your next carpet purchase.

If I were to go shopping for carpet with you, don't you think you'd get the best deal for your money? You're darn right you would!
Do you think there's anything a salesperson could get by me?
Not a chance!

Try my Carpet Guide risk-free for 30 days. Armed with the arsenal of knowledge found in its pages, on one carpet purchase alone, you could easily save the price of this ebook ten times over in cost and wear value!

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