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AUCTION TIME: All times and dates used by Melonbones Commission Free Online Auction (hereafter known as Melonbones) are provided by our hosting service and shall be considered correct for use as auction closing times and bid times, even if the actual time varies slightly.

See the current time here.

BULLET-PROOF PRIVACY: Melonbones will under no circumstances sell, lease or rent any personal information, including email addresses, collected about its users to any other agency, business or persons, except in the instance of a closed auction item. At the close of an auction item, Melonbones will notify the seller and winning bidder (usually by email) of each other's respective contact information. Furthermore, the city, state and zip code may be included with an auction item to help the bidders determine shipping costs.

When you register to sell or bid on Melonbones, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms, conditions, and disclaimer. You further agree to accept changes made to these policies at a later date, with the understanding that such changes will only be made to help further protect you and others from illegal or immoral practices.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Melonbones will under no circumstances tolerate any listings, user names, or email addresses using foul or degrading language (the definition of foul or degrading to be determined by the website administrator). Melonbones will under no circumstances tolerate the listing of pictures of a questionable nature (the definition of questionable nature to be determined by the website administrator). Anyone found to violate these simple rules may, at the sole discretion of the web site administrator, have their listing immediately altered or deleted without advance notice, whether there were bids or not (a letter of explanation will be sent to anyone who had bid on the item). A second violation may result in removal of their registration rights.

As a registered user, you agree not to falsely increase the price of your own items by out-bidding any legitimate bidders, unless it is to deliberately win the auction so you can remove it. If you make a mistake in listing an item, you will modify the description to include the corrected information, or if it has no bids, you may delete the item and relist it with the correct information.

Upon registering for Melonbones, you agree to accept occasional email from the administration of this site, and if you should list an item for sale, or bid on an item, you further agree to accept automatic emailings from the auction software which will inform you of changes in the status of the items you are directly active in.

DISCLAIMER: Melonbones accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the descriptions or pictures of listed auction items, nor does it guarantee any aspects of the payment or shipping process.

Once an auction has closed, Melonbones' sole responsibility is to attempt to notify the seller and winning bidder of each other's respective contact information, using the email addresses provided during registration. Melonbones has no control over the validity of this contact information other than that the original email address used to register with was valid at the time of registration (in order for the user to receive their temporary password).

Melonbones is not responsible for incomplete, failed, garbled, scrambled, delayed or misdirected computer transmissions due to technical computer hardware or software failures or other errors or problems of any kind, whether mechanical, human, electronic or otherwise, which may limit a user’s ability to bid in any auction.

Melonbones strives to monitor its listings closely, however if anyone finds an objectionable listing or picture such as described in the terms and conditions above, please notify the site administrator immediately.


Warning: Fake escrow services websites are the latest SCAM! Be sure to use a REAL one.

To ensure the safe exchange of goods for payment, consider using escrow at the end of each auction. Legitimate escrow providers give security to both sellers and buyers. For sellers, buyer payment is verified before you ship your item. For buyers, funds are released to sellers only upon your approval of the merchandise. For more information see

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