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One question we hear a lot is:

If all of this stuff is free,
how do you make any money?

The answer is advertising. The banner at the top of almost all of our pages is a paid advertiser. They pay us for each 1,000 displays of their banner.

Here's the important one!

The banner near the bottom of each page labled "Melonbones Bread and Butter Banners" is a collection of all of our other affiliates. If you would like to help support Melonbones, all you have to do is occasionally click on one of the Bread and Butter Banners. Some of them pay us per click, and some only pay if you actually use their services or buy a product.

Thank you for choosing Melonbones Auction.

Yours in Christ,
- George (administrator)

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Melonbones Bread and Butter Banners
Melonbones Bread and Butter Banners

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