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When to advertise:

Every day - all day and all night! The internet never sleeps. Set your ads to run on automatic using the autoresponders listed later on this page.

Where to advertise:

While it is possible to get a lot of traffic from the search engines, that will only work if you can get your pages indexed in the top 10 to 20 returns of a keyword search. Obviously, with hundreds of thousands of websites trying for those same top 10 to 20 positions, most websites will never see it happen.

There are thousands of ways to advertise your site for free, and some of them even generate a reasonable amount of traffic, but it still boils down to the old axiom "you get what you pay for."

Free Advertising:

I've got a list of free methods, and some of them work pretty well, but one main factor is that what works to sell one product doesn't work for another, so you'll have to experiment to find one that works for you. Here's the list: Melonbones Free Promotionals

If you can add banners to your web site without destroying the look of your layout, I highly recommend BannersGoMLM. This one of the few banner exchanges that open in a new browser, so your traffic stays on your page while they look at other ads. They also give you free credits from each referral - 5 levels deep and a $15 signing bonus! Here's their banner:

Are you serious about your business?

If you are, you should set a monthly advertising budget and stick to it. If you're very small and working out of your home, you might try $50 to $100 per month - and TRACK YOUR ADVERTISING! Please read the section on advertising tracking if you haven't already.

30 Ways to Control the Mind of Your Prospect
to Motivate, Influence and Persuade.

If you are to be successful at all, you MUST have autoresponder messages set up to follow through on any email inquiries from your visitors. The best possible situation is having a whole set of messages delivered on a predetermined schedule for each product or program you are promoting. If you need help writing sales messages, try this outstanding collection:
Autoresponder Magic

If you don't have access to multiple autoresponder messages, try the free service provided by FreeAutoBot. FreeAutoBot is set up as a newsletter service that will send messages at the intervals you provide. They give you the code for a simple form to put on your web page that requests a name and email address. When your visitor clicks "submit," they are immediately sent your first message.

Paid Advertising:

I ran across a program that is fantastic for promoting your online business. The basic version of LinkScout is free, but you should really upgrade if you want access to all of the promotional tools. Look at this list of features you can get: Link Scout

Buying Traffic

The ONLY traffic you should ever advertise for is TAGETED TRAFFIC. Anything else is a waste of your time and money. For this reason, I've had the best luck by bidding on keywords on several search engines that offer this service.

You can bid as little as one cent per click-through, and increase your bids at any time. This is the only place I've found where you can buy 100 GUARANTEED, highly targeted visitors for a dollar! Another plus to using these programs is that they will track your advertising for you. You will get a free monthly report emailed to you showing how many click-throughs you got for each keyword you bid on.

Use the same methods outlined in the "Getting found by the search engines" section of Melonbones Business Builder to choose which keywords to bid on.

Here are the programs I have had the best luck with.
Please enter my username -
melonbonesb9 - as the referrer if you decide to buy advertising with them. This is how I get paid for sharing all of my knowlege with you.

Bay9 is by far my favorite, although GoTo is getting to be pretty big and I get a lot of traffic from them. Epilot is good for a slow but steady trickle, and definitely worth adding your bids to.

2b2Rewards is a very new search engine company and is offering an incentive to attract new customers. If you open a new keyword account with them, they will start your account with $25 - that's 2,500 free visitors at .01 per click! If you have a limited budget, I would open the 2b2Rewards account for the free $25, and then start a paid account at Bay9 next - and again, please type in my username - melonbonesb9 - as the referrer.

I am currently bidding on anywhere from 30 to 120 keywords on each search engine, and adding more all the time. When your budget for each search engine runs out for the month, they just shut you off until you add more money.

(referrer: melonbonesb9)


(Epilot offers a $5 signing bonus)

(b2b offers a $25 signing bonus)

Fun with Bay9
Here's why Bay9 is my favorite:

When you open your account with Bay9, put your initial deposit into the "email balance" so you can regulate how fast it gets used up. You will notice they have other advertising methods besides just bidding on keywords, and you can tranfer any amount around anytime you want.

I keep the bulk of my balance in the "email balance" for reasons you'll understand in a minute. I usually only transfer $10 to $20 at a time into the "text link balance" so I can make my money stretch out over the whole month.

If you would like to get what I call a "burst of traffic," transfer no more than $5 or $10 of your money into the "banner balance" and bid a penny or two less than the current high bid on the Banner Advertising program. Pick one of Bay9's banners that are relevant to your site, or your traffic won't be very targeted (there's a drop-down menu to choose from).

When the current high bidder runs out of money, it will automatically kick in the next lower bidder, which may be you! The first time I did this, I bid 5 cents and moved $25 to that account. For the next hour or so, I couldn't even hardly access my own web site because I got slammed with 500 visitors in less than 15 minutes. When the smoke cleared, they had racked up over 4,000 page views in a two hour period.

For another "burst of traffic," although not quite as targeted, move all of your money except $5 or $10 out of your text link balance into your email balance for safe keeping, then find out what the high bid is at Bay9 for the search term "bay9lotto." You can find out by typing bay9lotto into their search box. Now bid a couple of cents less than that in your text link account on the term bay9lotto. Again, don't leave more than $5 or $10 in your text link balance or you'll overload your server.

This traffic will be highly targeted people looking for free money and free gambling, so if you offer any free money-making programs, point them to that page. When you're done, be sure to go back and change your text link bid for "bay9lotto" to .01 before you move any money back into your text link account, or it'll suck all your month's advertising budget up in a short time and overload your server.

With both of the two methods above, you can view your stats page at Bay9 and once either one kicks in, refresh your page every half-minute or so and watch your money disappear while your traffic soars.

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