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There are two ways to make money on the internet.

The first, and most chosen, is to sell products or services. The advantage to this type of business is that you start to realize a profit, or at least make some money to use in paying off your start-up fees, from your very first sale.

The second way is not for the faint of heart. You can spend a couple of years or more building and promoting a "fun site." Surfers today are always on the look-out for free give-a-aways, games, free software and in general anything that does not require them to spend money. Using this method means you will pay all the start-up fees and avertising costs every month out of your own pocket until you get enough traffic to start selling advertising space. The advantage of this method is that a "fun site" has the potential to generate a huge amount of advertising income if you can build it up to be popular enough. Some companies will pay as much as $250 per month to have their banner on a few choice pages of a popular site. A really good "fun site" can have several hundred, or even thousands of pages, with several advertisers out-bidding each other for prime space.

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Careful consideration should be taken when choosing the name of your business. It is the nature of the internet that potential customers may only get a fleeting glimpse of your name. If at all possible, it should be short, but descriptive of the products you offer. If you intend on using an established name that does not meet this criteria, you can still be successful, but it will take a little more promoting.

A business selling candy, called Kathy's Korner Kitchen would more than likely not generate as much targeted interest as Kathy's Kandy Kitchen. While that may be true, an even better name would be Candy from Kathy's Kitchen. I know it doesn't have the same "cute" appeal as Kathy's Kandy Kitchen, but when starting an online business you must constantly consider how well you will be ranked in the search engines.

The very fact that the name of the business starts with a MAJOR keyword for the products offered, puts Candy from Kathy's Kitchen way ahead of Kathy's Kandy Kitchen, or even Kathy's Candy Kitchen. In the rankings of most search engines another factor to consider is the spelling of the word Candy as opposed to Kandy - very few people will search for the keyword Kandy, whereas Candy will be entered far more often.

With all of these things in mind, decide on your type of business, and then choose a good descriptive, keyword-laden name.

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