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There is no doubt that having your own domain name gives your business some credibility for a fairly small investment.

The best way to pick a domain name is to start typing domain names into the domain name search engine below. Betterwhois keeps track of all the domain names currently being used in the whole world.

When you find one you like that is available, be prepared to pay $70 for the first two years of ownership, and register it right away. There are so many domain names being registered every day that there is a good chance your choice will be gone the next time you come back. You should try for a .com extention, but if you absolutely insist on a particular name and the .com version has been taken, you can try for .net or .org.

A main consideration when looking for a domain name is to find one that contains at least one keyword that applies to your business or products. This will give you the edge over competitors with no keywords in their name when some of the search engines set your ranking. If at all possible, the keyword should be first in the name. If your product is candy, would be preferrable over

Hint: Some studies claim that hyphenated names
get even higher rankings. If this is true, would be the best choice.

If you can afford it, you should buy the domain names for several variations of your main name, including different spellings, to keep potential competitors from using them.

For instance:
.....and so on.

Check the availability of a domain name here: Betterwhois

Domain Names - Find and register expiring domain names, use whois tools, and quickly acquire other domain information.

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