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Regardless of what your business sells from your new web site, there may come a time when you want to sell advertising space as a means of generating more income. There are thousands of affiliate programs being offered and several types of payment schedules. One thing most of them have in common is the minimum pay-out amount of $25 to $100. This means that you must accumulate the minimum amount in each of your accounts before they pay you. In some cases, this could take several months.

For this reason, I highly recommend starting an account with the ClickBank affiliate program.They are one of the largest affiliate providers on the web today, and will deposit all of your earnings from as many of their affiliates as you like into one central account, which will then be transfered to your bank of choice. The advantage here is that all of your affiliate's earnings count toward one minium pay-out amount.

Before signing up for any affiliate programs, you should decide which ones will compliment your product or service. If you sell pots and pans as your main product line, signing with a pet supplies store may not be your best choice for an affiliate partner.

Once you have chosen your affiliates, the next step is to place their ads on your site. A good rule of thumb for banners is to only have one showing on the screen at a time. If you put more than one per page, place them so they come into view one at a time as your visitor scrolls down. Most affiliates offer a text link version of their ads, and I have had better luck with those than with banners, plus you can set them to open a new browser so you keep your traffic. Another plus to text links is that they don't slow your page load time down like banners do.

You can also change the text to suit your site better.

Here's a text link offered by ClickBank:
Join the ClickBank affiliate program!

Here's the same link modified for this page:
Need affiliates? ClickBank can help!

Another affiliate you may consider is Revenue Pilot. They pays for every search done from your web site. Apply here: Revenue Pilot

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