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No matter how you decide to advertise, whether it is free banner exchanges, paid ads in newsletters or submitting your site to free-for-all links pages, you need a way to track your campaigns.

If you do not track your advertising, you will have no way of knowing which of your campaigns are the most effective and which ones are a waste of time and money.

There are two ways to track your campaigns.

Method #1

Setting up redirect pages is free, but requires much more time and effort on your part to set up. First, you will have to sign up with a hit counter company to use a different counter on each redirect page. Do not put these counters on your actual website - that is considered to be the sign of an inexperienced webmaster.
The best collection I've found is at

140 + counters

Second, you will need to create a "redirect" page for each link you want to track. To make a page redirect, copy-paste this META TAG to the HEAD of the page. That means between the open <HEAD> and close </HEAD> tags.


You will have to change the green text to point to your own page. If you use the code above, it will redirect to this page. Don't forget to leave the "> at the end of your URL.

Create your page and save it with a descriptive, but short name. Put a counter on it to see how many times it is accessed. Add the code that will cause it to redirect to the actual page you are advertising.

You are now ready to advertise your redirect page in emails, free-for-all link pages, banner ads, or wherever you want. Don't forget though, for EACH place you advertise, you will need another redirect page with a DIFFERENT hit counter code on it. Make a list of every page you create and include where you advertise it, the URL of the redirect page, and the URL of where it points so you can tell how many people click on any given advertised link.

Here is a sample link that will take you to a redirect page back to this one. Note the simplicity of the page - this is VERY important. The page must be made to load and redirect as quickly as possible. DO NOT ADD GRAPHICS!!!

Test Redirect Page

Lot of work isn't it? That's why I use:

Method # 2

The best way I have found to track advertising is with a company called NitroStats. At the time of this writing, they have an introductory offer that allows you track unlimited campaigns and update them as often as you like for only $1.00 for the first month. This will also allow you to use an impressive list of marketing tools from the NitroStats arsenal. Another advantage to using NitroStats is that some of your affiliate programs, or even your own web pages, can have very long URL's. The NitroStats URL's are relatively short. This is important when advertising by email because sometimes when a URL wraps to a new line, it "breaks" it.

Read all about your trial NitroStats account here:


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